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LG 47LM8600 Smart TV Review

A review of LG's new breed of Smart TV's. I had the 47" LM8600 for a month thanks to LG

LG 47LM8600 First Impressions and Setup

Initial impressions following unboxing of the LG 47LM8600 3D LED/LCD TV from LG. Sorry for the shaking at first as I was filming with a phone in one hand juggling remotes in the other hand.

This video concentrates on the initial impressions immediately after unboxing and having just gone through the setup procedures.

For a full review please follow this link: http://n-droid.net/2012/07/08/the-world-in-your-lounge-room-lg-47lm8600-review/

LG 47LM8600 - review for the LG 47LM8600

The LG 47LM8600 http://47lm8600.tvreviewsdirectory.com/ may feature a "barely there" bezel surrounding its Cinema Screen Design, but its upgraded Motion Remote and 3D gaming features are also worth a look.
LG has a number of new features in 2012--namely the upgraded Magic Motion remote, nonexistent bezels, and 3D gaming--all of which reside in the new LG 47LM8600 LCD.
As we predicted, slim bezels are in this year, and the LM8600--part of LG's Cinema Screen range--features a bezel less than 5mm thin. While some reports have it at 1mm, LG has confirmed to CNET that the edge-lit LED Cinema Screen bezels are all 5mm; a 1mm bezel is reserved for the company's OLED TV.

LG was one of the first companies other than Apple to use a one-sheet-of-glass design, and it even claims that Sony borrowed its designs. It's not a stretch to say the LG 47LM8600, with its thin bezel and metal ribbon stand, is one of the most beautiful TVs the company has announced.

The TV, an edge-lit LED model, features both passive Cinema 3D and LG's new Dual Play mode for split-screen gaming.

The TV offers an upgraded Smart TV package with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and a new 3D Zone. The onboard Web browser is designed to offer an enhanced Web-browsing experience with support for HTML 5 and Flash. Like many of this year's TVs, the LG 47LM8600 includes onboard Wi-Fi.

First PCs, then mobile, and now TVs: all have succumbed to the "dual-processor = better" marketing ploy, and LG makes much of the fact that the TV features an LG Dual Core chipset. Just don't ask us what the speeds at which the processor runs. We don't care. It's a television!

LG says the processor is needed, though, for the voice navigation technology inside the "four-mode" remote. Those four modes are "Voice Recognition" via the onboard mic, a mousing "Wheel" for scrolling, "Pointing" like you'd do with a wand, and "Magic Gesture," which uses pointing for Apple-like gestures. LG also offers a three-mode remote on other models in the range that does not include voice recognition.

LG 47LM8600 http://47lm8600.tvreviewsdirectory.com/ As devices like the Galaxy S II and the Roku dongle proliferate, users will have a need for the TV's Mobile HD Link (MHL) port to connect, control, and charge compatible devices.




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